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living wall vertical gardening
Vertical gardening, how you can start with vertical gardening
Vertical gardening is a unique and creative way to grow plants in small spaces. Instead of growing plants horizontally, they are grown vertically.
grow herbs from cuttings
Grow Herbs from Cuttings: A Guide to Propagating and Rooting Herbs
Herb cutting propagation involves taking a cutting from an established herb plant and using it to grow a new plant.
Does growing herbs inside attract bugs
Does growing herbs inside attract bugs? How to Keep Your Indoor Herb Garden Pest-Free
Indoor herb gardening is a popular and easy way to have fresh herbs all year round. However, does growing herbs inside attract bugs?
organic gardening vs conventional gardening
Organic vs. Conventional Gardening: Which Method is better?
Organic gardening is a sustainable and chemical-free method of growing plants and vegetables. It offers many benefits over conventional gardening.
how to make a compost bin
How to make a compost bin
Making a compost bin is a simple and effective way to reduce waste and create a soil that is really rich on nutrients for your vegetable garden. Not only does composting help the environment by reducing...
is it cheaper to grow your own vegetables
Is it cheaper to grow your own vegetables?
Yes, it is cheaper to grow your vegetables, but you will not be able to buy an expensive car for the cost you save by growing your own fruits and vegetables. There are many small costs involved in growing...
greenhouse plastic
Do I need a greenhouse to grow vegetables?
You don't need a greenhouse to grow vegetables, but a greenhouse is a very nice addition to your vegetable garden. The summer growing season will be a lot longer.
vegetable garden on a balcony
Best vegetables to grow on your balcony
Not everyone has a large piece of land to grow vegetables on. But even in a small garden or on a balcony you can grow vegetables in containers or vertical gardens.
Growing mushrooms
Can you grow your own mushrooms?
Mushrooms grow well in dark humid areas, so even in your home you can create a suitable growing area for growing your own mushrooms. Only a few things are needed.
Grow carrots in a vertical garden
Because carrots can grow long and therefore grow deeper into the ground, you can't just grow them in any vertical garden.
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